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All the Same, Yet all Different

Your endless global creativity, Your freedom to create your Life, Your stories, Your unlimited Opportunities, Your personal Avatar.
Get out there, create the world you want to live in. We are the Monskey Maniacs, Together we shape this World, OUR WORLD!

Monskey Maniacs; creativity through the vision of one shape! The ultimate creative Brand!

Creative expression to share!

Royal Talens inspires. For more than 100 years now we have been stimulating creative expression worldwide; by developing high-quality brands and products that stimulate people to paint and draw.

We encourage creative amateurs and professionals all over the world to push back their boundaries and to ‘rediscover’ themselves.

Amsterdam believes in the artist; the artist who opens up his eyes and has the courage to go for it. Who transforms dreams into creations. Use an idea, a vision. Look around you. Surprise and amaze yourself. Dare to dream in color.

You can start creating your own Monskey and become a Monskey Maniac! Our movable figurines come in two sets: 15cm and 30cm. You can use paint, marker, glue or any other application you see fit to design on the Monskey designer-toy! You have no limits in creating a one of a kind avatar. Endless creativity!


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Every great design starts with an idea, a vision, a spark…. or you can just go at it and paint away! To make the creation proces easier, making rough sketches is always a great place to start. Try out some designs, different Colors or materials. To make this proces easier you can download our sketch template


Join us!

Wanna know more about our products, our expositions or creating you own Monskey Expo event? Let us know and send us an email!



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